I met Jenny for the first time during an introductory meeting of first year students. I stood with an empty plate in my hands by the table of snacks.

'Is there anything bloody?'

A young woman, a head shorter than me, stared at me expectantly. Freckles covered her pale round face. Her dark eyes along with the bright blue dyed hair gave her a grim-looking, but not unattractive look. 

'I don't think so, it all looks very healthy and responsible.'

'Sometimes I have such a craving for blood, do you have that too?' 

'Not during meetings'

'I like bloody movies the most, preferably at night. Maybe I have vampire blood in me.'

'So do you have those fangs too?' I pulled my upper lip up and pointed at my incisors with two fingers.

She bent towards me and whispered 'I've heard that those are only visible when a vampire has found their prey.'

'Really, what's your name? I'm Harry Bens.' 

'Jenny, Jenny Dracula.'

'Ah, that explains a lot. Do you sleep in a coffin too?'

'No way, I'm perfectly normal, I sleep in a single bed with a Lion King quilt cover.' She looked around, searching for her next victim and said

'I'll just go and integrate, that is what we are supposed to do. Maybe I can score some  fresh meat here'.  She turned around and walked towards a group of students. I heard her say,

'Hello, I'm Jenny Dracula and you are?'


Pling! The screen of my phone lit up, I continued reading. Pling, another message. I knew it was from Jenny, she is the only person who sends me messages. I also knew the content of these messages, they are always the same. Pictures, pictures of hamsters. I put my book down, grabbed my phone and opened the first message. A light brown hamster with a white stripe between its ears stared at me. Its head held in place by a finger under its chin. I recognise the slender index finger with the short clean nail, I don’t recognise the hamster. The second message shows a living room with a number of furry brown balls scattered across a white tiled floor. I count ten of them. I see that the large television screen is still hanging on the wall but the white leather couch has made way for a hamster playground.

I messaged back a picture of a hungry cat and the text, dinner time!

Immediately comes the reply, ‘Grrrrr!’

I reply, ‘How is Jenny doing?’


These dots mean that Jenny has decided that this conversation has ended.


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